Today May 4, 2020 again another channeling through dear Linda Li (I respect her), an entity calling itself “Mother God or Divine Mother” delivered disappointing news about full disclosure and the condition of the things on Earth.

No Channeling!
No Channelling!

I’ve said in today’s LIVE broadcast that I came to the conclusion that these entities are neither negative nor positive but just neutral beings doing their jobs by following their work guidelines. They are the guardians of a quarantined, prison planet and the only way this planet is disinfected from the AI virus is the that I describe below which I also have posted on Linda Li’s Facebook page which she posts her channellings. I’m not 100% sure that it will be allowed to stay there so I decided on this long post. (Just checked my comment has been removed and I’m blocked by her). Here is the article.

Respectfully, I disagree with the “Divine Mother” mentioned in this channeling. My Creator is not helpless and does not change promises for so many times that I forgot how many times right now. I believe for quite some time all the channellings coming in to Earth have been hijacked by other entities. How can a channeling be hijacked you may ask especially if it is coming from Mother God / Father God? That actually beings the possibility of maybe none of the channellings were coming from Mother / Father Gods after all…

I believe that all the channellings originate from the same entities, the guards responsible for the quarantine of this AI infected planet. The only way this infection cleaned is through total human consciousness polarity shift. That can ONLY happen through extreme pain and suffering. Because only then, humanity as a whole will learn to help each other. There is another way, an easier and happier way. That is helping each other now and resisting the current authorities when they try to force you to do something like locking yourselves at home, losing your jobs, etc. If you don’t do this on your own, you will be forced by the circumstances via extreme pain and suffering to learn what you need to do. Which is simple, take your authority back from any and everyone you have given to and help each other and know that you are one race on one planet with its animal and plant kingdoms and other beings. If you don’t learn to respect each other, protect each other, protect Earth, protect animals, protect plants, you will be driven to the edge and your limits will be broken. You will be broken to pieces so you can be reconstructed according to the divine human blueprint.

There it goes, the TRUTH, not from a prison planet guarding entity but from REAL ARCHANGEL of the ONE SUPREME CREATOR!

Not channeled in any way.

So it is.

Metatron Archangel 

Note: Link to Linda’s Facebook profile

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