You need to read till the end to understand it, be patient please…

I was watching the new Star Trek Picard and all of a sudden this scene comes. I can’t describe the way I feel right now.

Star Trek Picard Season 1 Episode 1

If you watch this, you will understand why I’m feeling so strange right now…

I continue writing this after watching till the end of the episode. Spoiler alert! 

That item is the painting of an android who is a sleeper and gets activated and remembers all the cool stuff life how to fight, hack, jump buildings high, etc. The painting’s name is ‘daughter’. The same day I tweeted about soul merging.

What I tweeted earlier today about soul merging:

We are in ZERO time, where everything is in limbo. If you feel like you have nothing to do that’s because of this. Now the fun part. Very soon, some say around 2.2.2020 your higher self will walk-in to your body to merge with you. Then you become super-human! This is how Archangels will come, as walk-ins to their pre-arranged host bodies.

Not everyone is going to experience this. But some will. So if it happens before the date I gave and/or I don’t have another chance to talk to you, thank you for everything you have done, all the support you gave. Be kind to the new guy, he will need support too. I love you all❤️

The ‘new guy’ meaning more Metatron less Tony…

And then I posted this farewell video:

Now in the context of all of this, 227 is my number because 27 is my main number and 227 is special because when you divide 22 by 7 you get 3.142857142857… and 142857 repeats indefinitely after that.

So 22/7 is the closest fraction to Pi that is easy to remember. It actually is closer to Pi than 3.14. There is even a Wikipedia article about it.π

So while I was telling everyone that soon my soul is going to merge with my ego and remember my real self. The number I identify myself with 227 shows on the same day while I was watching the first episode of new TV Show Star Trek Picard. And it does not just show any number, it is the assigned number to a painting of a person, a girl who was actually an android but didn’t know that until she gets activated by a serious of events. When she gets activated, she becomes like a super soldier, hacker etc.

I can’t describe how I’m feeling right now…

More about soul merging is here

Archangel Metatron

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