According to our Mother God, the Divine have found a new announcer about the full disclosure. The previous lightworker who was supposed to announce the full disclosure is not willing to play game anymore as far as I know. The new announcer, a lightwarrior is dependable and a true believer so the date for the Full Disclosure about all the secrets kept hidden from humanity will be revealed including the identities of the Divine Team on Earth. So after this, hopefully the humanity will put their differences aside and come together to heal the planet 🌎. It will be a day in human history that will change everything. Of course the identity of the announcer and the date are a secret at this moment for obvious reasons. But the date is set and we are approaching it fast.

Full disclosure is done deal! The date and the announcer is set!

In this video you can listen yourself about this subject in more detail from our Mother God channeled by Linda Li.

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