There are universal Divine laws like the Law of One. And there will be special laws specific to this time and place namely Earth. There are many things that humans do not yet know about how the universe works, how the creation works, etc. It will require a lot of deprogramming after the current religious dogmas imposed on humanity for such a long time. Even the most basic rules are not followed by humanity at this moment. So it will take some time. The next decades will be lots of work but wonderful experience for the awakened souls, and it will be a bit painful for the souls currently still stuck in the 3D programming. I wish that humanity was not subjected to the decision process and constant changes that happens in the heavens before first contact. Also, there is the point that the higherselves are still disconnected from the human brains. And everything is still hidden, simple truths about the ETs existence etc. That being said, even I do not know a lot of things at this moment because I’m also not fully integrated with my higher self. If it wasn’t for the scientific proofs that simply can be classified as miracles happen to me everyday I wouldn’t be able to discern the truth from the false information. I do not blame humanity at all for the current state of their ignorance. After the fall, it has been such a long time, humanity has been programmed so much, it’s nearly impossible to convince a critical thinking mind today about the existence of Angels for example, let alone the ETs. My opinion is all has to be revealed, and nobody will be forced to do anything, the very first rule of ascension is free will. If one day, I say that I prefer partial disclosure and/or human minds need to be controlled by some technology then know this friends, I’ve been taken a prisoner by an enemy. Always always demand full disclosure, partial disclosure is not enough. And never ever accept a new group of rulers whoever they seem to be, there is only LOVE from Mother and Father, They don’t judge. Ascension is a choice, you can’t force any soul to be good. There are consequences for not ascending, but still ascension is not a must. You have to learn the history of the universe and the politics in the heavens. Yes, you heard me right, the politics. Even in the Angelic realm there can be disagreements. Now, these are never with ill intentions, they are always trying to find the better solution for the good of the all. But there lies the problem. Good of the all is not always the good of the individual. Some ETs even though very evolved, lack unconditional compassion. Earth was once ruled by my relatives, false gods but they managed to convince humans. Never again humanity can accept false gods. You have to learn how to tell the fake gods from the Real Gods. Be very very careful. Our Mother and Father Gods only LOVE us. Each of us equally but unlimited way. Until ascension, you can never be 100% sure who is telling the truth. That’s why you need to use your heart. I read that many are ready to accept the new laws etc. Here is my view on it. I’m an Archangel, actually the highest ranking Archangel and God’s scribe and Word. So me being disrespectful to the Divine is not possible, that is knowingly of course. I’m only a small aspect of my higher self. Still developing in this environment. I‘m placed on Earth at this time to show humanity with a pure heart a human still can discern without being disrespectful. So, in that context, I would prefer humans to show excitement about the new laws because you expect that they will bring justice to this world, but I would really not prefer them to accept before seeing them. If you willingly give your permission and acceptance to the things that you haven’t even seen yet, then you can find yourselves enslaved by fake gods, again! In your current state of understanding of ET groups, their capabilities and their agendas, never accept anything without questioning. Archangel Michael is also very clear about this as well, we do not want humanity to follow blindly, that will not bring you ascension. We want humanity to be smart enough to protect itself from imposters. We cannot allow another fall for humanity, so please smarten up! You are the teachers of tomorrow, all the spiritual teachings can be explained with science. Science includes religion and religion includes science, there is no seperation. There is no magic, it simply is advanced science. Sorry for the long post I wasn’t expecting it but it happened! 😇

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