All the important events taking place around this December 21, Winter Solstice and why the Event is right now!

Countdown to the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

Countdown to Winter Solstice


And Mercury at superior solar conjunction was about 8 hours ago.

Jupiter and Saturn The last time that the two planets were easily observable when separated by less than 0.1 degrees was almost 800 years ago, during the great conjunction of 1226.

Also the moon just had a conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn. Plus the full solar eclipse. All of these coinciding was about 6000 years ago. On top of these this December 21 Winter Solstice marks the beginning of the age of Aquarius. That’s why the Event is now, already started will continue till the 1st of January 2021.

Oh another full cycle is, the true north and magnetic north are aligned first time after 360 years. Yes 360, like a full circle.

And then there is the Sun solar spot region 2793 which is Earth facing dead center right now. 2793 is exactly the reverse of my birthday 3972.

All of the above at the same time between a couple of days even hours apart from each other.

And a global pandemic forcing everyone to be a prisoner at home.

The US election and the software company SolarWinds being hacked at about the same time. And they even called the hacking SolarBurst. Some people are predicting total grid shutdowns around the world because of this hacking. Imagine 300 years from now a student is reading the events of 2020. The history source will tell that the great grid shutdowns happened due to a Solar Burst related to Solar Winds. What do you think s/he would think about this? A software company being hacked or an event related to the Sun? I leave that for you to answer…

Welcome to a new age!

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